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Wellhatched is unique in how it objectively utilizes data and marries it with a personalized roadmap, resources and questions ahead of each appointment you have - be it with your OB/Gyn, your RE, or your acupuncturist. We bring empathy, professionalism and the ability to help you think one step ahead on a journey our founder has personally lived, while recognizing that no two journeys are alike.

Absolutely. Parents-to-be are welcome at any point on their journey, and a number of women will have failed IVF cycles before ultimately succeeding in carrying a successful pregnancy. We are here to aid that process. For the parents-to-be who will consider other options, we are able to offer personalized direction and support when the individuals are ready for such.

Yes. Surrogacy and adoption are just two of the routes to becoming parents, and we have worked with families who have successfully become parents via surrogates and adoption. The needs and requirements of each process are unique, and our personalized timeline and curated resource pool is created to bring you the roadmap for your journey to parenthood.

Individuals who learn they are infertile often experience the normal but nevertheless distressing emotions common to those who are grieving any significant loss — in this case the ability to procreate. Typical reactions include shock, grief, depression, anger, and frustration, as well as loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of control over one's destiny. This often applies to both parents-to-be.

We are here to help connect you to resources and practices that can help - from counseling to meditation and relaxation techniques.

Yes. Thankfully, there are many paths to becoming parents, and we have worked with individuals and families who have become parents through sperm donors, egg donors and/or surrogates. From selecting a donor to finding a reproductive attorney, we are here to assist.

Fertility preservation benefits are becoming more common, and we can help you navigate the process. We begin by presenting an overview and timeline of the procedures, and can assist as you choose clinics, determine timing, administer medications, and undergo retrieval.

You are not alone. We can tackle this together.

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