I am you.

As an ex-Wall Street, type-A personality who hates to fail at anything, I am accustomed to setting goals and achieving results – all wonderful traits for success in a career or personal aspiration. Except the one that mattered most to me, becoming a mother. With 15 years of professional experience helping clients solve problems and reach their goals, I approached the unexpected news of infertility as another problem to solve.  The process felt like a 1-2 punch instead.  It ultimately took me many visits to OB/Gyns, reproductive endocrinologists, and fertility clinics to have my two children, after battling disappointment, frustration, and hopelessness.

After having to navigate that journey without the kind of guidance, support and research I brought to my day job advising clients, I realized there was a need for the same individualized focus and advocacy to achieving a successful fertility journey.  Taking a data-driven and holistic self-care approach with an empathy for how lonely and draining this experience can be, I’m committed to helping parents-to-be navigate their journey more confidently.