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Considering Egg Freezing? 5 Facts to Keep in Mind

People considering freezing their eggs often share with us that getting started can feel daunting or overwhelming. Understandably so!  From where to freeze, to when, to how many, the decision to freeze your eggs is a significant one – and it often comes with its fair share of questions and uncertainty. Our goal is to
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Featured Partner Spotlight: Dr. Shara Brofman

In our work with clients, we have found that as much as elective egg freezing can be an empowering step toward family building, there is also an emotional side to this journey that is not as widely discussed. We have found it equally important to address this side of egg freezing before moving forward with
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Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing 101

Are you curious about egg freezing and how it can help you preserve your fertility for the future? You are not alone. More and more people are choosing to freeze their eggs. But what exactly is egg freezing and how does it work?  Egg freezing is an amazing process that allows people to freeze their
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