Featured Partner Spotlight: The Chick Mission

Amanda Rice, Founder of The Chick Mission fertility support

Another fellow founder, entrepreneur, and friend is Amanda Rice, founder of The Chick Mission. Holly met Amanda in the fall of 2019, right before Wellhatched was launched. Amanda’s infectious smile was a warm welcome to the world of fertility support and her work at The Chick Mission is inspiring to say the least. We love what she’s doing to support those going through a cancer diagnosis.

Why did you start Chick Mission?

The Chick Mission idea “hatched” when my fertility preservation coverage was denied by my insurance company. I was battling cancer for the third time before turning 40. I had a long road of chemo, radiation, and long-term drug therapy ahead of me. Yet, my insurance company was about to let infertility become a part of an already long list of cancer treatment side effects. I was told I wasn’t infertile YET, even though I was about to undergo treatments likely to render me infertile. I had to take matters into my own hands. 

Thankfully, I had the resources (and savings) to cover the cost of fertility preservation on my own. But my frustration didn’t stop. It grew. It set me out on a mission. I couldn’t stop thinking about the many other women diagnosed with cancer whose coverage was denied by their insurance providers and who could not afford the cost of fertility preservation out of pocket.

The idea of other patients choosing not to pursue preservation simply because of the cost barrier did not sit well – socioeconomic standing should not dictate whether anyone has an opportunity to have biological children after they battle and beat cancer. Wouldn’t it be incredible if every single young female cancer patient had the option to preserve her fertility ahead of lifesaving treatment? As a woman who has spent nearly two decades raising money for a living, I utilized that skill set to help get The Chick Mission off the ground with a group of passionate, bad-ass “chicks” by my side. The rest is history, except the mission is more clear than ever. 

What do you love about your job?

Conversations and community. From our Hope Grant recipients to our corporate partners, I am passionate about the ripple effects of our mission and the importance of starting and continuing conversations about women’s healthcare, cancer, and fertility. I love helping women advocate for fertility benefits within their companies. It’s my personal goal to make sure everyone has the knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to handle the many challenges that come with cancer and fertility. And it’s not just something that concerns young women…it matters to partners, spouses, parents, employers, colleagues, friends, and more.

What are you most excited about for 2023?

The momentum The Chick Mission has built this year is inspiring beyond belief. I cannot wait for all that’s in store for 2023! As our Hope Grant Program continues to grow at an exponential rate (and that’s not slowing down anytime soon), we’re investing more time and energy into our Survivorship Program to stay connected with this expanding community of women battling cancer and those who are experiencing all it means to be a “survivor.” Simultaneously, we are strengthening our partnerships with companies across sectors and offering more educational events that prioritize conversation around women’s healthcare, cancer, and fertility. 

What is your favorite resource for intended parents? 

For those that need it – The Chick Mission’s Hope Grant Program. It’s the core of our mission, directly covering the cost of fertility preservation procedures for women newly diagnosed with cancer. We have funded 317 Hope Grants since 2018, and our program continues to grow at a rapid rate; we’ve funded 117 so far this year.

The Chick Mission has allowed me to connect with countless incredible partners who support women’s fertility journeys, regardless of if and how they are touched by cancer. From our fertility clinics to fertility benefit programs, I am proud to work closely with these partners on our Hope Grant Program and our educational offerings.

Have a question for Amanda or want to learn more? Reach out via the form below!

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