Featured Partner Spotlight: Surrogacy Simplified 

Surrogacy can be a complex and emotionally charged journey, filled with both hope and uncertainty. For those embarking on the path to parenthood through surrogacy, having a supportive and experienced guide can make all the difference. That’s where Surrogacy Simplified comes in. Founded by Jessie Jakulsky, who personally knows the ins and outs of surrogacy, this service was born out of a genuine desire to make the process more manageable for intended parents. 

At Wellhatched, we feel strongly about supporting intended parents throughout all of the various paths to parenthood – and we love what Jessie is doing to support and educate intended parents.

Why did you start Surrogacy Simplified?

I started Surrogacy Simplified after my own experience going through the surrogacy process to have both of my daughters. While both journeys were wonderful, I experienced firsthand how wildly complicated the surrogacy process. I launched Surrogacy Simplified as a solution to this problem. My goal is to support Intended Parents through the entire process of surrogacy and break down each step of the process. My concierge ensures that each need is anticipated and taken care of so the Intended Parents can really sit back and enjoy this path to parenthood.

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to provide a service for Intended Parents that my husband and I did not have simply because it did not exist. Being able to help Intended Parents on their path to parenthood is so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. 

What are you most excited about for 2024?

I am so excited to continue to support more Intended Parents and see some of our first Surrogacy Simplified babies enter the world! 

What is your favorite resource for intended parents? 

Anything else you’d like to include/mention? 

I offer a complimentary consultation – I’d love to chat and share how I can support you on your surrogacy journey. 

Surrogacy Simplified is one of the many curated resources we have to support our clientsOur priority is to make sure our clients feel fully supported no matter what path to parenthood they choose.

Have a question for Jessie or want to learn more? Send Jessie a message via the Wellhatched team using the form below!

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