A Few of our Favorite Data Resources


The amount of information available online about what you should or should not be doing when starting a family can be overwhelming. We understand – we’ve been there! Countless late nights spent with “Dr. Google” only brought an unnecessary roller coaster of emotions, and left us feeling more lost and confused than ever. While it is completely understandable to want to learn everything you possibly can when starting your fertility journey, it is important to make sure you are finding quality resources.

Based upon years of research, experience, and data, we have compiled this list to educate and empower our clients throughout the fertility and family building process, filled with information you can trust.

1. IVF clinic websites (even if not your own) are excellent, vetted, places to go to learn more about the fertility process. Here are a few we like:

2. ASRM, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, is the physician organization dedicated to the advancement of reproductive medicine. ASRM has the latest response to current issues, advancements in the field and research updates. 

3. Resolve is the association dedicated to fertility education, awareness and making fertility treatment and family building accessible to all people. Visit their website to join the fight and become an advocate or to find financial resources for fertility treatment including this list of available grants.

4. For those looking for longer read, a few of Holly’s favorite books include,

If these links make you feel like you’re going down an endless rabbit hole, we get it. We read these sites regularly and our clients receive a personalized plan, timeline, and support resources based on their circumstances and goals.

The journey to parenthood may often be winding, and bring you down paths you never thought you’d be on. One of the first big hurdles to conquer is simply not knowing your options. By taking this first step to explore these resources and educate yourself you can walk away feeling empowered, and better equipped to make informed decisions as you move forward down your path to parenthood.

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