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Get One Step Closer To Motherhood With Embryo Transfer New York

We know, becoming a parent is an important step for many couples. But many times, they are robbed of this opportunity. However, with embryo transfer, it has become a reality. To begin Embryo Transfer New York specific types of medicines are used to support the ovaries to release eggs that are healthy. The eggs are taken out from the ovaries. After eggs’ multiplication, embryos are placed back into the uterus. The embryo must stick to the wall of the uterus or womb for the pregnancy process to start. There are certain things to know, why it is needed, and when, before getting an embryo transfer.

How Is Embryo Transfer A Boon To The Mankind

It’s a good choice for people who have problems or can’t take oestrogen hormones. It is easy for people who are very emotional. The medicines are not continued into the early months of pregnancy. You can save money as oestrogen tablets need not be bought. It is more of a natural process as it does not coincide with the biological cycle. In cases of Embryo Transfer New York during the artificial cycle, it provides greater flexibility for the patients. Ultrasound scans and transfers can be scheduled accordingly. This won’t affect the overall implantation process. Making embryo transfer a safe process. We assure you that all our methods are safe and tested.

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Give Yourself And Your Partner The Joy Of Becoming Parents

IVF is a new hope for people wanting to start their own families. There are different fertility issues because of which it becomes difficult for women to conceive. Blocked fallopian tubes are a problem that people are unaware of until they face infertility. Male fertility is another very common but less talked about problem. The quality of the sperm really affects the pregnancy process. In many cases, people already suffer from a genetic condition that risks pregnancy. Many such conditions can be checked before IVF so that the child can live a happy and healthy life. It is here, embryo transfer serves as a boon to many.

Give Yourself One Another Chance With Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is a big decision that you and your partner make. There can be a number of reasons for you to choose this. Low sperm count, fallopian tube blockage or any other related problem, cyst in ovaries, PCOD/PCOS, if the male is already sterilized, some unexplained infertility, or any serious genetic disorder that may pass and cause serious threat to the child’s life. People suffering from cancer can get their healthy sperm or eggs frozen. These frozen sperms or eggs can later be used for in vitro fertilization after the person is completely healthy. People also have a choice of using donor eggs or sperm for their procedure, giving them another chance of getting close to parenthood.

Why Well Hatched Is Your Ideal Embryo Transfer Service Provider?

The success rate for Embryo Transfer New York is very impressive. Over 50% are successful implants in people below 35 years. Above 35% and 20% of people from 35-37 years and 38-40 years respectively have completed their journey of IVF and now are proud parents. We at Well Hatched believe that every couple and their journey is different. We do our best to help you. We first understand our patients, know about their medical history and other related information. We share highly experienced and well-known doctors. We will plan your appointments and meetings. We always check up on our patients. From your first meeting to fertility planning, assistance, during different procedures we will always be by your side. To know more click on

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