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Kelly Nolan

Practical Time Management Strategies to Reduce Your Logistical Stress & Mental Load During Your IVF Journey: Part I

The IVF process carries the double-whammy of being emotionally and logistically stressful. While we can’t remove all stress from your IVF journey, we can reduce as much of the logistical stress as we can – thereby reducing your overall stress level.  To that end, let’s go over practical time management strategies to help alleviate the
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Reproductive Endocrinologist 101

For many people, starting or expanding a family is a cherished dream. However, the journey toward parenthood can be filled with unexpected challenges and roadblocks. When it comes to fertility, every individual’s journey is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving a successful pregnancy. This is where a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) comes in.
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Featured Partner Spotlight: Dr. Shara Brofman

In our work with clients, we have found that as much as elective egg freezing can be an empowering step toward family building, there is also an emotional side to this journey that is not as widely discussed. We have found it equally important to address this side of egg freezing before moving forward with
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